Future Stories



for Your Prayerful Consideration

In the following stories we seek to illustrate crucial themes the Bible deems important in the days just prior
to Jesus Christ’s glorious return.  God has graciously revealed His Word to us for the purpose of helping us
heed that which He has clearly called us to—readiness!  This includes the discerning of false teachers (and
teachings), false christs and false prophets.  This includes preparedness to such a degree that we are
better able to handle the horrific things that will transpire in the days ahead—whereby we are mentally and
emotionally prepared – if you would, a perspectival  preparedness – for the difficult days the Bible clearly
predicts will occur prior to our  Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering.

Please note:  The following are fictitious, yet-future stories which call attention to often repeated end-time
themes.  One day the topics highlighted in these stories will present themselves.  In the not so distant future,
these themes will unfold.  While we do not claim to prescribe everything in the stories as that which will
actually occur in the days ahead, the general themes (including deception, persecution, ill-preparedness,
apostasy, betrayal, one-world system, satanic mandates to worship falsely, etc.) are accurate and will indeed
come to pass as God’s Word so outlines.  We’ve tried to highlight and clarify potential misunderstandings
(or misreads/misapplications) of these stories in footnotes.


Because these parables are loaded, we’d encourage you to read one story per sitting.  Ponder the main
appeals we seek to draw your attention to in each presentation – counsel which will indeed need to be
applied (as we’ve outlined above) for your protection.  Perhaps you can use ten of the stories below as a
12-day devotional guide—1 parable/day for 2 weeks (Monday – Friday readings with a special meditation
on Matthew 24 & 25 on the weekend between the two weeks).  Also, please share these with friends,
family members and your pastoral staff so as to allow for intriguing conversations on these cultural
presentries.  As you give these stories thought, do keep things centered on the Word of God – both
Christ Jesus and God’s written revelation.

If you have any questions concerning details touched upon in the stories, especially relating to what the
Bible clearly states will transpire before our Lord Jesus’ glorious return, please contact us.

Bill’s  Story
A Tale of Grave Significance

The  Wilson  Family

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Those  Who  Remain

Will He Really Find Faith On The Earth?

Ten  Virgins

But What Happens To Five Of Them?

’s  Example
Global Experience In The Days Ahead

Faulty  Preparedness

God Grants Favor To Those Who Do It HIS Way

Got  Understanding?

The End Of Days Is Much Less Predictable

Panel  Testimonies

Accounts Of Unsolicited Marks Of The Beast

In  Harm’s  Way?

A Consideration Of Worldly Bondages

Wrong  Assumptions?

Incorrect About The Timing Of The Rapture Event

Is  It  Possible?
Is There Deceptive Doctrine In The Church?


For additional (non-fiction) stories on biblical themes relating to our current cultural experiences,
go to   www.endmin.org   and click the “Truth Matters! Articles” link at the top left of the page. 
The eschatological future is right around the corner and awesome signs are here … today.  Praise
be to God for His kind and generous revelation to us!  We trust YOU are enjoying His gracious insight
found only in His Word—Jesus Christ and the Bible—and in His precious Holy Spirit.

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praise and glory of the Most High and One True God.  Indeed:  Toward your spiritual growth; unto
YHVH’s glory and praise!

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