Got Understanding?

Got  Understanding?
The End Of Days Is Much Less Predictable


Issue of Concern:

Some prepare before hand, thinking their preparations will guarantee their safety through the tribulation
period.  Some falsely assume protection when the Word only promises safety through it, including safety
through martyrdom.  Jesus Christ speaking:  “You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives
and friends, and they will put some of you to death.  All men will hate you because of me.  But not a hair
of your head will perish.  By standing firm you will gain life."  (Luke 21:16-19; NIV)

Stan had built his “Prayer Closet”  …

Dave and Marilyn had secretly constructed a basement dwelling off the grid whereby they safely navigate
through the storm of the tribulation period  …

Sam, anticipating how easily the system could come up with some excuse to undermine the preparations
of the Dave and Marilyn types (further developed below), decided to blend into the cultural mass of his
city’s street people  …

All four of them thought this would get them safely through the time of intense darkness before the
Rapture Gathering at the Final Trumpet.  Their stories end up unfolding quite differently than each of
them had anticipated.   Read on for some specifics.



Stan, Dave, Marilyn and Sam had one final meeting together before splitting up and going their own
ways according to the convictions of their hearts.  During this fellowship time they shared their thoughts
as to how each of them was going to respond to the new global system being imposed upon much of
the world.  Sam carefully tried to show his close friends, Dave and Marilyn, how their efforts could so
easily be derailed.  “Dave, I can give you four scenarios where you’d be helpless to prevent them from
hauling you two away.”  “Okay, Sam,” Dave said, “share them. I honestly don’t think you can.”

“Before I start, I just want to say thank you for listening.  I want you to go into this having considered as
many options as possible.”  Turning to Marilyn, Sam said, “Sincerely, thank you!”  Then, Sam, turned to
the whole group and went on to say, “Here are some of the possible ways they can undermine your good

1.  They can simply come in by force and you’d be helpless to stop them;

2.  They could turn their heads when the people who are
      sympathetic to this global cause decide to take action (against
      you) and rid the world of you and your types – sincerely, some
      of them are so angry with Christians they would kill them
      thinking they are actually doing God a favor.  Read it:  John 16!;

3.  They could impose new taxes on you even though you are off
      the grid and have made what you thought were all the arrange-
      ments necessary to live autonomous from them.  For example,
      even if you arranged to have someone pay your annual taxes,
      etc., they could still instate a new law mandating you pay your
      debts personally or forfeit all that you own.  Who knows what
      else they could come up with in light of the fact this time will
      be worse than social conditions under the Nazis.  The point:
      Those administrating the system could so easily overthrow all
      your careful plans to make it through this period of chaos.  We
      simply cannot guarantee we’ll be able to avoid their agenda

4.  They could come through a personal plant (a spy; an agent).
     The Scriptures speak of betrayal during this time.  They could
     use one of your relatives to sabotage your  solar panels and/or
     wind generators.  They could poison your hand-pump water
     well.  Dave, the possibilities are many;  and, yes;

5.  Those committed to the evil global order under the antichrist
      could choose to simply let you alone since your place is so
      out in the boondocks and thus don’t consider you to be a
       threat to their agenda, but you never know!”

Marilyn reached over to Dave and simply said – whereby the entire group heard – “Honey, I know
Sam’s counsel may potentially unfold, but I’m willing to put our plans into God’s hands and hope
the fifth possibility will actually end up being our experience.”  Dave nodded, looked over at Sam
and said, “Brother, I know it’s because you care.  Thanks for sharing your insights with us.”  Stan
added, “Perhaps, given each one of us has made up our minds as to the direction we’re taking
from here, let’s pray together.”  And that they did – for hours.  As they prayed, they all confessed
their response to the days ahead did not guarantee any of them would survive the global persecution. 
What God granted them in response to their prayers was this:  They enjoyed great peace – His peace
which passes all understanding – knowing God was their heavenly Father Who held each one of them
safely in His hands.


Through it all, know this:  God is faithful to His precious promises to us.  Some of us will be honored
as His tribulation Saints in special ways, for His Word foretells it.  In fact, may we consider this irony: 
Those who persecute us are actually contributing to our eternal state.  What irony indeed.  May we
enter into this time of tribulation with the mindset He’s commended we have!  “Count it all joy …
pray for those who mistreat you … those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution …
in this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”  
Pretty cool Counsel!

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