Panel Testimonies

Panel  Testimonies
Accounts Of Unsolicited Marks Of The Beast


Some people will eventually be told, “It’s too late.  You’ve actually already been given the mark.  So just
deal with it and move on.” 

For example, come Christian speakers suggest (both clearly through direct teaching and vaguely through
the logical unfolding of the implications of their positions) that we already have the mark of the beast as
participants in the world economy.  “It’s not a literal mark,” some tell us.  “It’s actually willing involvement
with the current global culture that affirms the mark has been received.  One’s payment through credit/
debit cards, etc., are indicators of one’s willingness to live in the system.  Actually, they already bear the
mark.”  So they teach.

Another example could be summarized in this way:  We can hear the opposition saying something like,
“Do you recall your surgery just a year ago?  During that time, yes, during the procedure, the mark was
administered.  So you see, it’s too late for you.”

Our response:  DON’T BELIEVE IT.  Other clear indicators are included with the event of the initiating of
the mark – read Revelation 13.  Also, we must consciously make a personal decision to receive the mark. 
God is just, and will not judge you for something you did not chose to do.  This group (of those who receive
unsolicited marks) could also include some who may be given the mark at birth, those knocked out by
drugs whereby they never knew they were given the mark, etc.



The group had finally assembled.  Hundreds were present for this very unusual event.  The counselor
who was moderating that afternoon asked the three panel members to share their stories before
going into a time for questions and answers.  The three panel members included:

Kim      A girl only 7 ears of age* who had been given the mark
             at birth and only just recently realized the biblical ramifi-
             cations of what was done to her;

Pablo    A Hispanic migrant worker who had been injured almost
              a year ago and who, while in surgery, was also given the
              mark (without requesting it);

Shelly   An administrative assistant who was slipped a sufficient
              dose of the date-rape drug, R-2, only to find when she
              regained consciousness that she, too, had been admini-
              stered the mark, again, without her permission.  Her boss,
              Lynn, simply felt it was important that Shelly have it.  After all,
              it was for her best interest given the gross consequences of
              failing to have the mark, wasn’t it?

After sharing their stories, the moderating counselor wisely summed up the situation, telling the
listening audience that each of the panel members had something in common.  Each were given
the mark without requesting it.  As a Christian and God’s spokes-man that hour, Jake emphatically
assured the panel members that because they did not give their permission to receive the mark,
God was not going to hold them accountable UNLESS they changed their minds concerning their
conviction that the system and system leader were not worthy of their allegiance.  Jake said in light
of God’s holy character, they would not incur the judgment of God, even though they had the mark. 
He was very clear to stress  that the panel members could not, now nor at a future time, go on to
use the mark for buying and selling purposes, nor could they yield their allegiance to the world
system – they must persist in rejecting the one-world system lest they risk God’s judgment. 

Before the time came for questions, the audience could see all three panel members were relieved
to hear an authoritative word on their predicament.  Although they had had this same belief – that they
were not accountable for the mark – prior to the panel presentation, they were being told it was too
late for them because they, in fact, had it.  And while they rebutted their friends who claimed it was
too late for them, they also experienced doubts given all the pressure they were receiving from the
global advocates.  So, when counselor Jake said what he did concerning their not being in danger
of God’s wrath due to the simple fact that they had not voluntarily taken the mark, there was a mani-
festation of peace on each of the panel members’ faces that caught the attention of many audience

*   The duration of the season the mark is in effect may or not be
     this long (7 years).  And the mark may or may not be invisible,
     we're just not sure.  We do know it’s a rather short period of
     time but one which bears eternally consequential significance. 



The questions asked of the audience were awe-inspiring, but we’ll leave that for another time.  For now,
let’s briefly consider soon-to-occur cultural applications.

When the time comes for the issuing of the mark, only those who willfully receive it will be eternally
judged by God.  DO NOT TAKE THE RISK of using the benefits of the mark for the sake of philanthropic
efforts (e.g., feeding the Christians who do not take the mark, etc.) because God’s Word is very clear
concerning those who take this global mark.  IF you were to ever find yourself in a situation similar to
that of the panel members (and please discern:  there will be other deceptive appeals to justify taking
and/or using the mark) DO NOT follow those bringing these false appeals.  In so doing you will be
affirming the global system of antichrist and will potentially be in (eternal) harm’s way.  We say this
becaue there are other issues and event that will be present during the time the mark of the beast is
issued.  “What are those other issues?” is an excellent question to ask, even at this juncture.

The context of Revelation 13 & 14 clearly shows other matters or concerns taking place at the time the
mark is being mandated.  The beasts of Revelation 13 will be public.  In other words, it will be clear to
those abiding in Christ that these are the two beasts John the Apostle forewarned about given the
miracles  which take place.  In addition to the signs and wonders, homage to the world leader will also
be required.  Don’t forget the image of the beast will also be a significant indicator during this time.  If
these issues are present TOGETHER, then DO NOT honor the teachings of those leaders who call for
the taking of the mark;  DO NOT submit to their global rule;  DO NOT receive the mark!  The eternal
destiny of those present on earth during this time will be determined!  It’s that serious a matter
(and that’s why we repeat the appeal so many time on this web site).

In review, the multiple events and movements tied to the global rule of darkness will include the

1.  miracle-working global leaders;

2.  mandated allegiance or homage to the false messiah;

3.  an image of the beast is made, given breath, and goes on
     to enforce the worship of the world leader (NB:  those who
     do not worship are killed);  and, 

4.  a mark** on the right hand or forehead is required by all.

**  Note:  This mark is not necessarily a computer chip in the
               hand or forehead.  The Greek preposition favors “on,”
               not “in,” although it may be an internal chip.  Given
               the advancement of high-tech options, we are not
               sure what, exactly, this mark will be. 

Our appeal – that the mark be avoided at all costs – will be a laughing/mocking matter to the
unbelieving world until the time it is actually implemented.  Don’t give in to this form of persecution. 
Instead, keep affirming God’s eternally-settled-in-heaven Truths … for your present and eternal

One other important repeat of a comment we make above due to the current cultural expressions: 
Some say the “mark” isn’t a mark.  Instead, they allegorize it and teach it’s an endorsing mindset
(mark on the forehead) of and/or willing participation with the one-world system through the use of
monetary cards, etc. (mark on the hand by giving the card to the cashier).  The setting/context and
some of the particulars does not match the actual data of the Bible.  If these false teachers are
wrong, they could actually be fostering a mindset which endorses the final global system and
the mark  it brings. 

We would zealously encourage you to go back to God’s Truth Foundation and reread the end-time
material – some of which has already taken place; some is presently being fulfilled and some will
come to pass shortly.

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