Wrong Assumptions?

Wrong  Assumptions?
Incorrect About The Timing Of The Rapture Event


Issue of Concern:

IF the Pre-Tribulational Rapture of the Church is incorrect, some will say, “As the Bible was wrong here
(concerning the Pre-Trib Rapture), so too is it wrong on the other matters it addresses." 



After the common event of making yet another peace treaty – in this case due to unrest on the scale of the
Second Seal of Revelation 6 – a herald in the gathered crowd shouted, “The Bible was wrong about the
Rapture happening before all this tribulation stuff.  So it’s possible that it’s also wrong about the counsel
it gives concerning the rejection of the one-world system, what they’re calling the “beast” and the “mark,”
etc.  Think about it.  For just a minute, you Christians, think about it!  If the Bible was wrong about this
important Rapture event, couldn’t it also be incorrect about the other end-time details it speaks to?” 

Another voice from the crowd carried the thought further, but in slightly different form:  “The faulty inter-
pretations – including the Rapture happening before these days – of these Bible literalists also apply to
other messages of the literalists on a much wider spectrum.  Their WHOLE system is wrong.  Jesus
Christ is not coming back; the world system now currently in the making is not evil and surely not the
system of antichrist as they say.  It’s actually the beginning of a millennial rule of peace and prosperity
whereby all religious systems unite in a one world alliance beyond war.  It’s actually these narrow truth-
claimers – those who persist in insisting we read the Bible in a literal manner – who are our biggest
threats to world harmony.  As our brother here just said:  ‘Think about it!  For just a minute, you
Christians, think about it!’  If their faulty interpretations of the Bible are wrong concerning the Rapture,
couldn’t they be wrong about their approach to biblical teaching in general?”

Following those remarks, the crowd went crazy.  Violence erupted, killing seventeen and injuring over
one hundred.  It was the worst national outbreak to date since the signing of the peace treaty with Israel. 
The advocates of the one world alliance now turned their attention on the more passive Christians.  



We actually discern false prophets today who are saying the Bible must not be read literally.  Some
are within denominational walls claiming, in the name of Christianity, the church must change or die
Instead of addressing areas of needed correction, these false teachers actually go on to attack the very
fundamentals of the faith.  Those within the church walls especially go about this attack through hermen-
eutical appeal.  They say we cannot interpret the Bible literally any longer – it’s killing us to do so.  They
warn of those who say, “The Bible says what it means and means what it says.”  They say it’s this literal
attitude toward the Bible that actually presents one of the worst evils in our society today – no

Once again, this is not future.  This attitude is growing today on a huge scale.  May we – His new creations
in Jesus Christ – endure.  May we persist in faithfulness to His firm standard, the Word of God.  This in-
cludes both Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Both are essential concerning our eternal state. 

One closing thought:  Endurance Ministries does  not  believe the Pre-Trib rapture is a teaching of Scripture. 
Thus, when the antichrist comes on the scene and the covenant of Daniel 9 occurs (without the Pre-Trib
Rapture event taking place before these events), we must understand it is NOT the Word of God that has
failed us (nor a literal, it-says-what-it-means-and-means-what-it-says hermeneutic).  It’s an incorrect,
implicit interpretation of the Rapture that is to be faulted.  When this occurs, will we continue to listen to
the false prophets and false teachers who have advocated and taught this error leading to ill-prepared-
ness on the part of millions?    Let’s turn back to the Book!  

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