Present Concerns

Present Concerns  &  Future STORIES 


Instead of  reinventing the wheel  pertaining to present cultural matters, we simply refer you to
two web sites (below) which have ministered to many over the years.  These sites emphasize 
current expressions  –  fulfillments, if you would  –  of biblical prophecy forecasting the global
climate before the initial appearing of Jesus Christ – the first manifestation of what we believe
to be His three-part Second Coming.  (see our proposal by  Clicking Here)  Once you give the
charts and these pages a prayerful look-over, let us know what you think by communicating
personally with us through our “Contact Us” form.  We sincerely do enjoy hearing from our
Family in Jesus Christ!

Here are two of our popular, important sites highlighting cultural presentries:


We’ve saved a large portion of this site for the posting of our  Future Stories  section – another
popular resource for those wanting  ahead-of-the-game  insight (that is, discernment which
applies the explicitly biblical perspective during the tribulation period in which we currently find
ourselves).  Yes, it’s that late in the game … but as you well know, it’s no game when eternity is
at stake!  We are addressing most significant concerns here.  

Please  Click Here  to go to these Future Stories.